Carbon Offsets

What is a carbon offset?

A “carbon offset” is an emission reduction credit from another organization’s project that results in less carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere than would otherwise occur. Carbon offsets are typically measured in tons of CO2-equivalents (or ‘CO2e’) and are bought and sold through a number of international brokers, online retailers, and trading platforms.

We understand that not all conference attendees will have the option of buying their carbon offsets. In the event you are able to offset your travel to the Niagara Public Health Summit we have provided the following links to assist you with calculations and/or purchasing carbon credits.

The Gold Standard is a non-profit foundation, based in Basel, Switzerland. Projects that use the Gold Standard method are the premium projects in the carbon market. All Gold Standard projects are rigorously tested for environmental quality by registered third parties. The Gold Standard carbon credit label is awarded after third party validation and verification of the offset project.