Going Green

Going Green: Our commitment to contributing to a healthier environment

At our joint conference this year, OPHA, alPHa and Niagara Region Public Health would like to minimize the amount of waste associated with our annual conference We have reviewed areas where we can reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Paperless registration: You won’t find a registration form in this preliminary program. Online registration is easy and simple to use, and we’re encouraging all delegates to take advantage of it. The registration form will be available online, fully linking you to the program schedule. This will save approximately 12,000 sheets of paper.

Name badges: Many delegates are used to recycling their name badges. We encourage this practice and will have drop off areas set up throughout the Sheraton on the Falls.

Delegate bags: These will be made of recycled material. After the conference, they will be ideal to use as grocery or shopping bags.

Conference folders: We will not be using folders to hold conference material; instead, conference material can be placed directly in your delegate bags. This saves approximately 800 pages of hard stock paper and ink.

Paper and pens: A small quantity of paper and pens will be available in each room, we will not be distributing pens and paper for each conference registrant.

Health breaks: Plastic water bottles will be replaced by pitchers of ice water. All dishes, cutlery and linens are reusable. No single-serve containers for food and condiments will be available.

Paper/glass/aluminium recycle program: Bins will be available throughout the Sheraton on the Falls.

We ask for your cooperation and help in making this conference a “green” one. Thank-you.